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Project H - Hemp Bar Soap

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This unscented Extreme Rad body bar (previously known as Toke-X) is infused with Virgin Hemp Seed and Borage Oils known to soothe dry patches, cracking and irritated skin.

Size: 6 ounces 
30+ showers


This unscented Extreme Rad body bar is created using our Rad proprietary process and crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients for a moisturizing and smooth-lathering bar of soap for gently cleansing the skin. Additonally, this bar contains Hemp Seed and Borage Oils known to help soothe and calm the most sensitive of skin. The blend of oils high in Omega 3's and 6's in this bar are ideally designed to combat dry itchy patches, cracking, damaged and highly problematic skin.






-Harsh Chemicals



-Any Animal Products

-Nut Oils



-Gently massage bar onto moistened skin, washcloth or loofa to create a thick lather.

-Apply lather generously to desired areas.

-Rinse clean with water.

-Recommended to follow with Rad Project H Hemp Cream for best results.


Water, *Sodium Hydroxide,Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Hempseed Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Borage Oil,Shea Butter.

*After the saponification of oils occurs, no Sodium Hydroxide remains.


Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Teresa M.L. (PA)
Project H Rad success!

I found this hemp bar soap to make my skin much softer and I can even see a difference in the appearance of my skin especially my legs. I have copd (emphysema) and we can't take strong smells. Well this particular one has no scent. It's perfect for me. I also have tried a few others. With the chaga I have cut a piece off the end and use it for hand soap at the kitchen sink. My hands were so dry, especially with all of the hand sanitizer I use. Now after washing my hands I have noticeably softer hands in feel and appearance. I have also used the soaps to wash my hair and don't need conditioner. Note: if you use it as shampoo, you may want to use a diluted vinegar rinse after a couple washes. I have even been washing my face with the soap. I'm 62 years old and it leaves my face soft as well. Love it!

Ricardo R. (FL)
great product

im a RAD faithful been using their soaps over a year now. love then all

Gidge (CA)
Makes skin thick and soft, helps eczema, but there is a slight smell...

I smell everything, so read all reviews and don't just rely on mine. This soap definitely has a slight fishy scent to ME, so I researched and it's because it's has Borage seed oil which has one of the highest amounts of γ-linolenic acid in it, and guess what that smells like. Most people say they smell "hemp" or nothing at all, so maybe listen to them. I just soap my hands up with a scented bar 1st (Chaga or another popular competing brand) and go from there. Yeah, I really do smell the fishy, but it works so well on my legs and back of arms as it creates this thick barrier I would say, and it makes my skin feel less sensitive and very moisturized as a result, so the smell is worth the trade off for me. Sometimes we gotta endure a little bad flavor to get good benefits! Not everything can be chocolate cake and roses, and usually those things are synthetic and bad for you. When it runs out, I will order again!

Kate H. (CO)
Itchies be gone!!

I have been fighting severely itchy skin for years. Tried many, many different kinds of soaps and, probably, every type of lotion available that advertised it help itching. Ha! Nothing worked.
Until I saw an ad for RAD. And am I glad! Because it’s no fad. I was not had and I was not mad. I don’t itch a tad. Don’t be sad. Get RAD!!

Cheryl C. (AR)
Unscented soap from Rad

I had ordered two of the 6 packs of scented soaps. I had allergies and gave all away except the Skin Therapy one. I love it. The scent was light, and it really help my dry skin. I looked at your other kinds of soap and found one that was unscented. I ordered two. It was really unscented and very good soap. I gave one away. Comparing the Skin Therapy one and the unscented one, I decided the former one left my skin feeling less dry. I would recommend both as great soaps though. I have now ordered several of the Skin Therapy ones.