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RAD Top Seller's Kit

the best skincare routine for all skin types.

Chaga Natural Body Bar

citrusy, shea nut butter & chaga.

Skin Therapy Body Bar

colloidal oatmeal, calendula & gardenia.

Toke Natural Body Bar

sandalwood, vanilla & hemp seed oil.

Kryptonite Body Bar

tea-tree oil, reishi, matcha.

Soft And Sexy Soap Kit

Our five best selling soaps for all skin types

Man Up Natural Body Bar

cedar wood, amber & hemp seed oil.

Moon Rock Body Bar

black currant & activated charcoal.

Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Body Bar

infused with death wish coffee.

Chaga Face Cream

Red Raspberry Seed, Argan, Chaga.

RAD's Natural Insect Repellant

non-toxic, lemongrass, allicin.

Sweet Slumber Dream Cream

lavender, chamomile & melatonin

Project H: Hemp Cream

unscented, hemp seed oil & borage oil.

Unicorn Body Bar

saffron, pink himalayan sea salt & french pink clay.

American Beauty Bar

rose petals, red clover & himalayan pink sea salt.

Toke Natural Body Cream

sandalwood, hempseed oil & shea nut butter.

Chaga Exfoliant Natural Body Bar

citrusy, chaga grinds, shea nut butter.

Project H: Hemp Soap Body Bar

Unscented, Hemp Seed Oil & Shea Nut Butter.

Project A: Arnica Cream

lemongrass, peppermint & arnica oil.

Chaga Body Cream

chaga, shea nut butter & citrusy.

Natural Hand Therapy

gardenia, spearmint & calendula.

Relief Cream (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 200mg)

CBD, arnica & beta-caryophyllene.

Shuga-Bubs Moon Candy

sudsy scrub, activated charcoal, black currant.

Natural Deodorant - Sandalwood

natural spray deodorant, sandalwood & vanilla.

OUCH Salve

comfrey, manuka honey & beeswax.

Natural Foot Therapy

soothes dry, tight and flaky feet.

Moonbeam Body Butter

Black Currant & Shea Nut Butter.

Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Shuga-Bubs

Death Wish Coffee Infused Sugar Scrub.

Skin Psyche Facial Cleanser

gentle cleanser

American Beauty Face Cream

Rose Petals, Red Clover & Zinc Oxide.

Skin Therapy Scrub

Sudsy Sugar Scrub, Gardenia, Spearmint.

Toke Rollerball

Sandalwood, Vanilla on the go.

Nirvana Bar Soap

Chaga, Ashwagandha & Vetiver.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Sample Kit

start your cbd life style today!

Skin Psyche Face Cream

broccoli sprout, allantoin & zinc oxide.

Shuga-Bubs Matcha Mud

sudsy sugar scrub, matcha & cucumber.

Sleep Cream (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 200mg)

CBD, melatonin, lavender.

Unicorn Body Cream

Saffron, Raspberry & Shea Nut Butter.

Chaga Rollerball

signature scent on the go.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Tincture (750mg)