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Deodorant is working. I live in Arizona and I am using it daily!

Best laundry detergent

This stuff is great! Not only is is great ingredients it actually works and smells great!!!

Love !!

This soap is so good!! My skin feels so much softer !!

Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Leslie S. (PA)

Skin Therapy Bar Soap

Great purifying soap

Great soap for a skin detox! Not as scented as some others but full of detoxifying ingredients! Still the great lather; leaves skin feeling great!

Pumpkin Set
Linda C. (CA)
Pumpkin Set

I am in love with this pumpkin set. I love the way my face feels and I love the smell from them all. Yum, lol. I bought a set last year in October and I just purchased another set this morning. 🧑

Best Morning Scrub

After being informed by a very nice young woman that this product is best used in the morning, I found that it works very well. The scrub leaves the skin nice and smooth, and you do feel the effects of the caffeine in your system. Another thing I was informed about was the fact that Rad scrubs don’t leave a sticky residue onto the porcelain of a tub or sink. Very cool.

Nirvana Bar Soap
Jen K. (OR)
Do you want to smell delicious?

Do you want your partner to smell delicious?
Do you want your children to smell delicious (at least, temporarily)?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, look no further! You need some RAD soap in your life.

Our first order was Nirvana and Toke and my partner and I adore them both. Neck snuffles galore around here!

RAD soap is incredibly high quality, washes up with a rich lather & lovely moisturizing slip and rinses to a very clean feeling (but not tight/stripped like other conventional soaps.)

I'm so glad that I found you on Facebook. Thank you for sharing your labor of love with us.

P.S. the packaging is minimal and beautifully designed!

Man Up Bar Soap
carl f. (IN)
Great soap for the money!

My second favorite scent after the toke bar! absolutely a hit with the ladies! Last twice as long as dr squatch or those other natural soaps; get you some

Toke Bar Soap
carl f. (IN)
The best of the best

The toke bar is my go to daily, absolutely love the smell. The lather and cleaning properties are top notch, good value when you consider the size of the bar!

Tranqulity Rollerball
Linda C. (CA)
Lavender rollerball

I love this lavender rollerball it smells a little bit like, mint, eucalyptus and lavender. Smells so good.

American Beauty Bar Soap

Nirvana Body Cream
Debbie P. (NY)
Nirvana Body Cream - Heavenly

Nothing smells better than this cream. Both me and my husband use this cream and there's nothing like it. But we actually love all your products. I started using RAD when you first made the original HoeDown Cream many years ago after seeing you at a local craft fair. Been buying your products ever since. Thank you!!

Dreamy Night Cream

I never run out of this product - because I love it so much! This product feels so smooth, luxurious, and always helps me sleep well! A must have, for most nights!

Nice Variety

My favorites are the Venice and the Love bar these smell amazing to me. They have an amazing rich lather that rinses clean. I also bought the Pumpkin and Death wish Coffee soaps on auto delivery. I really love the variety in this set and will be ordering more as gifts. Try this assortment, you will love it. All of the soaps in this set are great, I wouldn't change a thing.

Toke Bar Soap
Adina H. (FL)
Yes... a must have

Absolutely love this set!! I bought it as a gift to myself but will Absolutely buy a few more for friends that need to be mor RAD. Lol needless to say I recommend it 100%.

The Soft Six

American Beauty Bar Soap
Jessica K. (TX)
The best!

My skin hasn't felt this nourished and healthy since I was in my teens!!! Don't hesitate!

Gift For Wife

Not helpful she advised …..

Chaga Body Cream
Amy B. (FL)
Creamy and smooth Chaga Lotion

Chaga is chocked-full of healthy ingredients and feels so luxurious on my body! I use Chaga Cream for many reasons but really because I love the brand, the ingredients, and the feel of it.

I love all your products

Everything I have ever received from rad soap is amazing

Kryptonite Bar Soap
Aaron F. (NY)

The Rad Soap bars have amazing lather, my recent vacation has me missing my Rad Soap so much that I just ordered another box so I never run out again. I cant imagine going back to no lather old school bars.

Unicorn Body Cream
Gayle S. (OR)

Unicorn Body Cream

Love ❀️

Absolutely love this laundry soap!!! No need to use softener and it smells amazing.

The Trustful Three
Cordy S. (FL)

The Trustful Three