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Amazing 🤩

OMG🥰 I just want to cover my entire body with this all day long!!!! The smell is amazing and intoxicating.. I can’t stop putting it on soooooo in love with Love. ❤️💕❤️ RAD products are the best products on the market. I have tried everything from everywhere else and yes I have found good products. But RAD makes me just want to shower and put lotion on all day long. I can’t get enough!!!!!! Thanks for making smells that you can Actually smell. And products that are good for you as well. So in Love with RAD thank you ❤️💕❤️🤩🙏🤩

Best smelling clothes ever!

I've washed several loads of different clothing items and everything has come out clean and smelling great, no need for adding chemicals to your clothes in the dryer anymore.

happy with the body cream

I'll start with the positive... I love the scent and it really makes my skin feel soft and silky. The negative doesn't actually have to do with the product but with the shipping packaging. Along with the cream I bought two bars of soap and the insect spray. When I opened the box everything was a jumble... the soaps were dented and flecks of soap were stuck on the cream jar and the spray bottle. I had to wipe everything off. And the spray bottle was missing it's cap. I was thinking about not ordering again but then I used the soap and it's lovely and leaves my skin really soft so I guess I'll be willing to put up with poor packaging.

Love scent

Good size bar

My girlfriend loved it!

I got this as a gift for my girlfriend, and she was thrilled!

Super product!!

I love this! My whole laundry room and clothes smell great!!!! I love that there is no suds in the machine when washing. I usually overfill my detergent and have to rinse the clothes after finished. Great cleaning job and it lasts a long time.

Love It

I love the Toke body cream. So much so that I have it on auto-ship. The sandalwood fragrance is one of my favorite smells in the world. The cream is also very moisturizing. I recommend this for anyone, especially if you love sandalwood like I do!

Good to keep pores open

Go easy it works

Best hand cream

This hand cream is the best! It smells great & does a perfect job of moisturizing your hands!

Love this stuff pretty much any other lotions I have used on my face just dry it out more. This stuff keeps my face hydrated and soft. Awesome stuff

Love this soap!

In love ❤️

What a great laundry soap! The scent is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never smelled a laundry soap that smelled like that before, but now I can’t imagine wanting my clothes to smell like anything other than this!! I have pretty sensitive skin, and laundry soaps that smell nice make me breakout, so far so good with this soap! I highly recommend!

Gnarly soap

Great lather, lasts a while and smells divine!
Skin feels great afterwards! My kids even ask for it bath time.

RAD Soap Sampler Kit

Finally. A deodorant that doesn't irritate.

I had almost given up looking for a deodorant for my husband. He insisted that they all were extremely irritating. He asked his doctor but the recommendation was to try something different. I brought home every brand and every delivery system from sprays and solids to roll-ons, to no avail. I have been a huge fan of your soaps for years and have often given them as gifts. When I happened to see that you also carried deodorants, I had to give them a try. I purchased two, in case the fragrance might be an issue. Still can't believe he loves them both, and is using them without any skin irritation. Don't hesitate. They really are a game changer and superior to anything else on the market.

Hand cream

Love this product!!! Amazing and will buy again


My family loves all of their soaps and creams. Now we get them for our family as gifts! Project A has been a life saver for my husbands back and my Aunts hands. Seriously love these products!


Nice makes skin soft and smells good

Death wish highly caffeinated bar soap

This is my favorite of my Rad bar soaps so far, and I love them all. It’s smells amazing. My whole bathroom smells great. The exfoliation feels great and leaves me feeling extra clean. Since it’s all natural, I feel fine even using it on my 53 YO face. Love love love.

Smells Heavenly

Love the Chaga Rollerball. The smell is unique and divine. Great to carry in your bag for a refresh and total zen moment.

Sorry, can’t take picture as I gave the 4 bottles as a gift because I love it soooo much

Sugar scrub

Nice lather, comfortable grit, no greasy residue and great exfoliating results!

Velvet matte finish, woodsy citrusy aroma, happy man

Background - 28 y/o male in humid Florida weather - dabbled in organic bar soaps for the past 5-8 years.

I’ve had this Chaga bar for a little over a month now. This is the first bar soap I’ve used that gives my face the ideal “matte” finish. What’s interesting is that the bar itself feels like it has a matte finish too. The smell is absolutely perfect. It gets me every time. Lathers well.

Quick and fantastic customer service too. I’ll be sticking around.

I love the soap it lathers well and makes my sensitive skin feel so soft.

Your the best around

I gotta say i love this soap my wife turned me on to this product. Now i can not see me life without it!!!! After showering i feel so refreshed ready start the day feeling great smelling good and ready to conquer any challenge. The starter pack is my fave cause it gives me a sample of each i highly suggest these products to anyone. I can tell these products are made from the best materials and made with love. I gotta say its totally Rad have a great soap company!!!