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Awesome body cream

Toke body cream is luxurious, thick but not too thick. It absorbs in and not greasy. Fragrance is heavenly. Honestly, it's the best body cream I have ever used! Thank you Dad Soap Co.

Great company, fast shipping!

Just started using CBD oil, love the discount with auto ship and free shipping!

I am not Anne and I didn’t receive any product

The customer used my email address by accident and I asked you to remove it from your mailing lists and your system. It would seem that you have not.

I loved the sample soaps, it makes it so easy to find the ones I love and travel with them.

Best face cream ever!

I have used Chaga face cream for years. Almost 70...and I can pass for a women of 60 easily!


This is a game changer as far as anxiety relief and de-stressing. I take it every morning (in my coffee) and surprisingly love the taste! I've seen a noticeable difference in my overall mood and stress level since taking but ALSO noticed this works incredibly well for migraine preventative and relief. I've suffered with hereditary migraines since childhood (my mom and brother also get them and swear by this!) and I can't believe I've found something that can relieve them better than any medicine could, after all these years.

Thank you Radcbd!

I Love It!

I have extreme degenerative disc disease in my cervical spine and this cream is the only thing I've used that takes the burning nerve pain away. I use it every night at bedtime and I also have Crohn's disease and used it during my last flare up Thank God for this Relief cream.


I was single when it came in. I have a girlfriend now. 🤯

Love this stuff

I love this body cream. It's not just the amazing smell, but it also feels good on my skin - moisturizes really well without being greasy or feeling synthetic.

Best Soap Ever!

This soap is great! It lathers beautifully and smell is divine and just right - not overwhelming. It leaves my skin so soft that often I forget to use moisturizer. Highly recommend this soap!

Hemp Cream

Love the Hemp cream. Best product I have found for my skin condition.


Always very happy with my purchases from Rad soap Co. I have buying from them for close to ten years . Will continue to buy !!! I'm very pleased with their products . I have purchased several different kinds . Thanks Rad , Terry

Great soap

I loved it

Acne Spot on Cream

Love the Kryptonite cream and soap. I apply the cream on my entire face daily but also use as a spot treatment as well. It controls my oily skin and moisturizes my face. I've been using this since I discovered Rad Soap at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival years ago. Love this company and the other items I've ordered in the past have not disappointed me.

Obviously Obsessed!

One year I went to The Philadelphia Flower show and I was looking for All natural soap and I bumped into the Rad Soap vendor stand and Sue Aka founder of Rad Soap recommended me this soap, my first use I fell in love for the longest time I always had really bad sensitive skin and this is the only soap I came across that didn’t react with my skin or dry out my face. I only use it for my face just because I noticed after a couple uses my skin was clearing up even my acne. I love Sue and Rad Soap Family they’re so helpful! Btw I recommend this soap for anyone who has sensitive skin plus it smells so
Pretty too without being so powerful!

Thank you Rad fam for making a soap that I can use on my face that Makes me feel so much more confident in my skin and It feels

Did not place an order with RAD 88 days ago. Please check this order and inform me of outcome.

Love the Man Up scent and Body Butter!

I love the scent of Man Up and, fortunately, so does my husband. He started using the soap, so I bought him the Body Butter “to match”, and he thinks it’s great. Plus, after he puts it on, if he hugs our dogs, it makes them smell great too!

Foot cream

Fair, but not what I needed.

Comforting cream

I’ve shopped at some brick and mortar stores in this area and the prices are much more than those of Rad Soap, which is a local company in Albany. The Relief Cream has helped me a lot. Thank you.

Effective and budget-friendly

I am not new to CBD or full spectrum hemp extracts, and I chose the 150 mg product to test. It was surprisingly inexpensive and available at my local gym. I enjoyed the flavor more than I expected (others I've used have an unpleasant taste), and found it to be very good for improving both my sleep at night and attention during the day. While CBD experiences are individual, in my case, this 150 mg tincture immediately reduces my sense of "general anxiety" for the day and I find I sleep much more solidly at night. I'll buy again!

Best Cream EVER

I had never tried CBD before. Now I can't live without. On Easter, we went to my daughter in laws. My husband was in pain from having gout. She offers it to us. I put it on his foot and with about half an hour, he started to feel better. He continued to use it until his gout flare-up. I, on the other hand, was skeptical but after what I saw I decided to try it. My right knee is always in pain. I have tried everything. I was to the point f giving up and just try and live with the pain. I figured I'd give it a try. Well is amazing. I have tried another CBD oil and it did not work as well as this product. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE!

Thank You


Best cream for lightening age spots

I have been using this cream for years. It lightens the age spots on my face and throat. Love this product!

Toke Natural Body Bar

Love it

I absolutely love the fragrance of this soap! And it leaves a subtle fragrance on my skin all day. But seriously, I just pick up the bar and smell it sometimes!