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Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Samantha K. (CT)
Love this soap!

I am obsessed with this soap, I shower every day and my skin is never dry.

I cannot smell you sweating

It’s also me!!!

Coffee soap

The Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Bar Soap smells sooo amazing and my bathroom smells like coffee. I like the feeling from exfoliation and leaves my skin feeling nice. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you like coffee scent.

RAD Soap Sampler Kit
Melinda (WA)
Awesome Soaps!!

I just ordered the sampler kit,so farbive tried TOKE and SKIN THERAPY...and OMYGOSH!! LOVE !! I have problem SKIN and have used many different natural soaps,this brand has outdone them all so far. TOKE smells amazing!!

Love this spray!!

This spray works great and smells so good!! I use it even if I’m just letting my doggies outside. Those few minutes seem to be when I get bit the most but not with this spray.

Toke Rollerball
Stephanie H. (NY)

I have not stopped wearing this since I got it! I’m always on the lookout for healthy, natural fragrances that last, and this is HANDS DOWN the best one I have EVER tried. A little of this oil goes a long way - it doesn’t evaporate off quickly like most alcohol-based natural scents do. I’m amazed at how rich and long lasting this is. I can still smell the sweet, earthy, comforting vanilla and sandalwood deliciousness on my wrists and my shirt at the end of the day. If you’re concerned about harmful chemicals in your skincare products and want a natural perfume, then look no further because this is THE ONE. Plus this isn’t the skinny little rollerball you’re used to; it’s a nice big tube that should last quite a while. And it is the perfect compliment to the Toke bar soap. Well worth every single penny. I’ll definitely be buying one or two more!

Love this!!

I bought this for my granddaughter to help her fall asleep faster. She likes it on her back. I tried a bit on my arms & Wow! I love this. It helps clear my mind and allows me to fall asleep faster. Will definitely buy again.

Smooth Shave Bar Soap
William D. (CT)
Rad Shaving Soap

I have used Rad shaving soap exclusively for many years now, I shave both my head and my face. Could not ask for a better product, or better service.

Moon Candy Sugar Scrub
Sabrina A. (FL)

Ok listen. I use this to scrub my underarms either everyday (yes, that’s how well it plays with sensitive skin) or every other day. It’s so great. I used to only ever wax my underarms because I was afraid of developing a 5 o clock shadow and razor bumps there. WHEN I TELL YOU I haven’t gotten any of those there since starting shaving??? Why ???? Because of this scrub. Just buy it. It smells like crack too. So moisture. So delicious.


I have loved every product I have ordered so far. I am obsessed with the soaps. They are so fragrant hours later. The lotions are so moisturizing and smell amazing!

Lip balm

Works very well. So far it works the best for me. Stays on long.

Freaking AWESOME!

Thank you for making such awesome products!!! Love the products, top notch customer service and excellent shipping.
You're the best!

Toke Body Cream
Sarah M. (MN)
Lasting scent!!

I use the Toke bar followed by the cream. The scent lasts me all the way through a 12 hour shift as a very busy & active nurse who washes her hands over & over again. But the scent stays all day long. Extremely impressed.

Unicorn Bar Soap
Shelly L. (MA)
Unicorn soap

I love the scent but my favorite part is the chunks if salt for exfoliating this soap is amazing it suds nicely and washes clean not leaving that gross slimy after feeling like regular store bought soaps I can never go back well done rad soap Co. I will definately be buying more products from your company and telling all my friends as well

Chaga Bar Soap
Dusty A.
Chaga Bar Soap

I ordered the sampler kit and this is my favorite new soap. I love the scent and it lathers better than any soap I’ve ordered from other companies. I’ll be purchasing more.

Phat Lip Balm Trio

I absolutely love the lip balm. This is the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. It stays on for a long time and my lips feel great! Cherry Bomb is my favorite.

Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Albany J. (NY)
Great soap

Great smell and nice lather.......highly recommend this soap bar

Nirvana Rollerball
Sherry L. (NJ)
Nirvana Rollerball is FANTASTIC

I love this scent so very very much. It is amazing and very long-lasting. I bought TWO more rollerballs of Nirvana because I didn't want to be without it! Here they sit, close at hand by my work space at home. Love it!

Germzilla CitruSaurus
Susan B. (TX)
Great smell & strength

I have this at my desk. Love the smell if this sanitizer. It works great! Will definitely buy this again

OUCH Salve
Amy F. (WV)
Ouch Salve is awesome!

I just got my Ouch Salve and love it already! The Rad team is fantastic and super helpful as well. Definitely going to be ordering again!

Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Jennifer (NY)
This soap works miracles!

I first bought this soap for myself in April as part of an order for my mother in law in Arizona. Later that month, I broke out in a mysterious rash which spread all over my upper body and thighs. It lasted a whole doctor and I still don't know what caused it. Anyway, once the worst was over, I remembered the Skin Therapy soap I bought. At this point, I was left with some rather unsightly scars. I started using it as a gentler, more moisturizing alternative to the Ivory I'd been using since I broke out. It left my fragile skin soft with no irritation. Within two weeks, I noticed that the scarring was almost completely gone! I've been using this soap ever since, and my skin has never looked and felt better! I'm proud to support a local business (I live in the Albany NY area) that makes such great products!

Chaga Face Cream
Alejandra H. (NY)
The only one.

My husband won’t apply anything else in his face… and he had tried many face moisturizers!

Toke Rollerball
Marisa M. (CA)
Great go to scent

I love the light and fresh sandalwood Sven this oil has. Hubby even likes it.

Love Bar Soap
Thomas L. (IL)
100% Recommend you try this.

100% Recommend you try this.
I've been working hard the last few years to clean my body inside, and out, going as natural as possible. My 'Love' bar came in yesterday afternoon, smells so good. I was about to go to bed last night and the scent came floating out of my shower, begging me to get up and try it. So I did. lol. Very pleasing scent, lots of lather in the shower, and no filmy feel after. Even after a shower the smell is faint, but still there, not overpowering like some of the other soaps I have tried. I really like this product, I'll be trying out all the other scents soon. Thank you for a great product.

Toke Rollerball
Brenna D. (NY)

RAD products are just astounding. It has made getting ready and wearing perfume so much better, and I feel even better knowing the products going on my body are made from natural, quality ingredients. I will absolutley recommend RAD products to friends and give as gifts, I am so happy I discovered them!