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Toke Bar Soap
I love my soap!!!!


Toke Body Cream
Nancy E. (NY)
Love TOKE scent

I went into a store... I checked out, the girl asked what scent do you have, on it smells wonderful!, I told them TOKE by RAD Soap! Spicy, earthy, captivating, I love the soap, body cream, and roll on perfume, perfect!

Love this soap

Husband and I made the switch a year ago and we will never go back! The monthly subscription makes things easy and the mystery box allows us to try others we may not have selected before. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Toke Body Cream
Linda S. (NY)
Best cream

Awesome product!

Toke Set
Terri G. (PA)
Love my Toke everything!!!

Toke and Nirvana are my absolute favorite scents. Love the roll on and the soap leaves my skin so soft. Chaga is my go to for face cream !!! Love your products!!!

Another fabulous product from RAD!!

LOVE this new lip balm from RAD - it's as wonderful as all of the other products I've been buying from them since they first started at the Farmers' Market - keep up the good work!

Moon Rock Bar Soap
Alma G. (NY)
Out of this world!

I just absolutely love this and all the RAD soaps! Taking a shower is now a ritual :) I gave them away as present for Christmas and now my family is hooked on them too!

Love your products!

Excellent ingredients, love how long your soaps last and how they make our skin feel! Easy ordering and delivery are awesome!

Main Squeeze

This is my new favorite. The fragrance is like being in a lemon grove. The fragrance is so clean and crisp. You’ll feel so clean and refreshed

Project H - Hemp Bar Soap

Man Up Rollerball
Karen O. (NY)
Nice scent for all

I had thought that this was a scent for men, but I really liked the combination of amber, cedar and patchouli. A number of the products are usually available locally in the food co-op.

Love Body Cream
Michelle L. (NY)
Super product!!

Love the smell and feel. Smooth all day and into the next day as well! All your body creams are the best!!!!


It is very effective! I used it on my back pain and received relief. It also has a nice fragrance.

Smooth Shave Bar Soap
stephanie m. (CT)
Smashing success!

Was skeptical to purchase as haven’t had great experience in past with “shave bars” but I’ve been very pleased with a number of other products from you and gave it a try. I get a smooth shave and the bar lasts quite a while. Soooo happy to no longer have the shave gel cans and extra trash to deal with. This works better with less amount needed as well. Plus leaves my skin softer. All around a happy camper here.

Amazing for eczema

This is one of the only creams that I have been able to find that works for my eczema. On top of the eczema, I also have a contact allergy to a lot of essential oils and I love how simple the ingredients are in this cream, and how there are no essential oils or fragrances. The customer service of this company is also amazing. They truly stand by their product. This cream on top of the Project H soap are a god send.

The Trustful Three
Linda B. (NY)

Love their soaps. Great exfoliant.

Chaga Bar Soap
Leya J. (NY)

Chaga Bar Soap

this is the scrub you want to holler at you from the passenger side of his best friends ride

it took so much of my strength to not eat this scrub upon first whiff. it smells like rich brownie batter and coffee, i was blown away.
i got this as a gift for someone who takes showers in the morning to give them an extra jolt when they woke up and they absolutely love it. “leaves my skin supple but not greasy, and i have an appetite for breakfast after!”- my mom, so that’s high praise.
get this scrub, get their other scrubs, (i L O V E the colloidal oatmeal one for my sensitive skin and the pumpkin one smells like gingerbread coookiessss) don’t fight me. just. do it.

Toke Bar Soap
Amanda C. (NY)
Love it💜

Love the soap, roller scent and lotion. Kept some for me and gave as gifts. Have loved everything I've received from rad soap!!

Man Up Bar Soap
Haleigh M. (CT)
So good

Our favorite soap!!

Love this jam

The Chaga is my favorite since it saved my sister from having to get special expensive name brand stuff. Plus the size of a soap bar makes it more worth it. Another plus on the relatively eco side to things. Thanks folks.

Loveee it

I love oatmeal scents! this deodorant is the best. i love how i smell!!

Moonbeam Body Cream
Nancy E. (NY)
Moonbeam body cream

I love all RAD body creams, they're all awesome and smell fantastic! I keep coming back for more and buy them for gifts! I pair body creams with the soaps!

Love this product

I use the arnica cream to sooth my aching and sore legs. I chase kindergartners around all day and find this cream very beneficial. It nourishes the skin and helps with aches and pains. Love it!

The Trustful Three
Karen D. (NY)
Loved it!

I purchased as a gift and they loved it! Will definitely buy more for me!