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Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Brenda H. (IN)

I Love All the Bars of Soap I've Purchased!! I Will Never Use a Store Bought Bar of Soap Again....Thank You for Amazing Product.

My favorite coffee bar soap

I bought this bar from a recommendation while I hadn’t found a strong coffee scent yet and this one did not disappoint!

Good Stuff

Love the product, fresh, clean, tons of sudz. Will order again!

Toke Bar Soap
William S. (NY)

Haven't used it yet, but it was OK last time I used it.

Remix Laundry soap smells amazingly good, cleans well and is environmentally safe!

Love it!

The repellant soap works!

I am one of those who get bitten more than most people, especially early evening, when I have heard the mosquitos are at their worst. I had showered using the repellant soap that morning, and way later in the day, I found myself searching at dusk, for a lost cat and I didn’t have any repellant with me. I was in bushes and grassy tree filled areas but did not sustain one bite. So I conclude that the soap really did it’s job.

Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Genee B. (NY)
Love the Smell

I love the smell of this soap, I look forward to taking a shower or just washing my hands it smells that good!

Bar Soap Club Bundle
Mark V. (IA)

Bar Soap Club Bundle

Love Bar Soap
Joseph G. (VA)
Feelin the Love

The Love bar is outstanding but truth is I love them all…My skin has never been smoother and I’ve never smelled better!Thank You RAD!!

Excellent product, great gift

Purchased for my sister as a birthday gift. She LOVED it. She had an allergic reaction with another local brand and loved mine that she tried in my shower. The scent wakes you up while the sugar scrub, both gentle on skin and refreshing, gets your face ready for the day. This is my GO TO. Highly recommend.

Mystery Bar Soap
Dianne S.o. (CT)
Carrot Cake Surprise!

My mystery bar soap was Carrot Cake - a type I would probably never try…but I’m so glad that I did, because it smells great and feels very gentle for the skin (just like all RAD soaps!)

Insects don’t like me anymore!

And I’m not sad I’ve lost their friendship! This insect repellent works great! It smells nice and doesn’t make my skin feel weird! I don’t have to quick wash it off when I enter the house, actually, I don’t wash it off until I shower. I am really happy with Rads repellent and it’s companion soap!

Project H - Hemp Bar Soap
Roseanne T. (NY)

I haven’t tried the Hemp Soap yet but the Charcoal soap is great!!

Skin Therapy Bar Soap
Lylah M. (NY)
Skin therapy bar soap

Lathers nicely and skin never so clear and bright!

Main Squeeze Bar Soap
David P. (NY)
Main squeeze bar soap

Love it and I will get it again.

Toke Bar Soap
Stacey L. (NY)
Love it!

Started noticing I was getting strawberry skin and couldn’t figure out why. I decided to buy RAD soap being it’s all natural. After a week, strawberry skin is gone! And the scent is nice and light.

Look forward to laundry again

This laundry soap is literally the best smelling laundry soap there is. I have extremely sensitive skin and I will scratch myself silly if I use certain laundry products. When I use this laundry soap my clothes are exceptionally clean and smell amazing. The scent lingers and is not too overpowering at all. Makes my bedding ultra soft and holds up to greasy stains from work. Me and my fiancé are both restaurant managers and some days we bring home the most challenging laundry—-lol kitchen grease and stains, sweat, you name it. This laundry soap WORKS!! Please don’t discontinue :( :( like ever lol

Nirvana Bar Soap
ReAnn A. (NY)

This is by far my favorite Rad scent there is! Chaga used to take the top spot but this is my signature scent now for sure! I wish Susan would make perfumes (spray perfumes) of this scent! My boyfriend and I only use rad soaps —we even purchased a special hanging shower caddy made for bar soaps. You can’t go wrong with Nirvana especially if you are a first time RAD Soap customer. 10000% recommend

My fav!

I absolutely love this soap. I’ve been using it on my face for years. Every once in a while I’ll try something new and regret it. This soap keeps my skin super clean with no leftover residue. I like to use it with my face scrubbing brush for a little extra exfoliation since I have a problem with blackheads. It works wonders. Not to mention it smells amazing!


I’m so glad I purchased the soap, because I’m so happy with the matching spray! I like the easy lather and knowing it will last for the time I’m outside in the evening, and that I don’t need to apply something I have to wash off before going to bed. I wear long pants outside, but my arms and face like that I don’t have mosquitoes bothering me. Thank you to the Radsoap family!

Best soap ever!!!

I found RAD almost 2 years ago when I was trying to eliminate plastics from my bath products. I have not used any other soaps since. I absolutely LOVE the products. The soaps are amazing and shipping is super fast. Chaga is my absolute favorite, Bug-off works great and I use the Moonstone on my face. I can’t say enough how much I LOVE these products!!!!

Grateful threads

Love to wash clothes with this laundry soap

Best Laundry Soap ever

This laundry soap is by far the best! Not only does it smell incredible it doesn't leave my clothes feeling or smelling like a bad perfume store. It's a clean refreshing scent. The texture of this had me concerned at first. I was thinking there was no way this would devolve without hot water, but that wasn't the case. There is no issues with powder or residue left on my clothes after a wash.
I also know if isn't filled with garbage chemicals and it makes me very happy and satisfied to use a good product. RAD has all the best things without all the junk. Thank you RAD for being an amazing company with such RAD products. I am always telling people about RAD.

OUCH Salve
jami t. (FL)

really works

Chaga Rollerball
Erenie D. (FL)
Best smelling laundry soap ever!

Love love love this laundry soap! Will be ordering again!