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Toke body cream is fantastic

This is now my go to body cream. I love the way ot makes my skin feel. The scent is AMAZING.

Helps a little

Love the RAD products - still wishing you would bring back the body wash.

It’s great!

I love these little samplers! Also, my husband loves the Chaga face cream! I’d like to purchase a full size for him!

Toke Natural Body Cream

Love this!

I have very sensitive skin and this has calmed my winter dryness without any reactions. My skin is so soft! My husband also steals some daily, but don't tell him I told you ;)

Sleep Cream

I originally bought the relief cream at the Saugerties Garlic Festival. Absolutely loved it. I would rub on my feet at end of long day and it helped so much with sleep. Thought I’d give the sleep cream a try. So far I’m really liking it. The smell is wonderful. Will be ordering more of the Relief cream too! Worth trying and I’ve told many friends and family about it!

Skin therapy bar

very good soap!

Wonderful treat for my skin!

Nice, big bar lathered up so nicely and smelled delightful. My skin felt nice and not dried out at all. The only thing I might have liked more is if the scent was a little stronger. I would buy again!

Great Stuff!!

I have yet to find anything from this company that isn't amazing!!

Great product

My daughter and I have been using this product for years

So fun

I am so sorry i didn't buy more of the Ralphy bars!!! I bought it as a gift- and fell in love with the scent!!! (Next year=a gift for ME too!!)

Always love how quick the kryptonite soap and cream works

The best new soap!!

I LOVE the nirvana bar. It’s sudsy, smells great, and all around amazing!! My new favorite bar for sure!!

Chaga soap

Love this soap- it’s all I use now and it smells great!!

My favorite!!!

I love this company so much! The soap has changed my skin for the better. Goodbye to chronic Dermatitis!!!!

Top Seller's Kit

I love this kit and buy it any time I need a little local gift!!

My Favorite

This soap is not only one of my favorite scents, but one of few soaps that doesn’t irritate my eczema. I don’t feel completely dried out getting out of the shower and I’m left with a subtle scent left on me. I find cutting each bar into 3-4 pieces definitely makes each bar last longer! It has a perfect balance of patchouli and citrus ! I’ve lost count how many bars I’ve purchased lol


Have always loved the Chaga soap and was so excited to finally get it in a more concentrated perfume form! Lasts a very long time and I’m very happy with my purchase ✨

Toke Natural Body Bar

Best Soaps Ever!

I absolutely love RAD soaps my skin feels so clean, so soft it’s refreshing! I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about what’s in my soap not just for myself but for my kids especially my son with eczema, he can use all of RAD’s soaps and they don’t harm his skin or flare up his condition. As a mom that is so important. My soaps arrive so quickly and I’m always so excited to get them and take a shower right away lol they smell amazing. Having the soap club where it ships automatically is wonderful and I always have my soap. Highly recommend RAD to everyone!

Miracle Cream!!!

This cream is AMAZING!! My children have eczema between their toes and this cream healed it practically overnight and I have a pitbull with very sensitive skin and his ears get dry and peel to the point he is in pain, this cream is the only thing that I have found that helps him. His ears were almost completely healed after just 2 applications. 🙂

Skin Therapy Scrub is wonderful!

I love this scrub! It leaves my skin sooo soft and the scent is great.

I'm going to stink great for Christmas

Love the soaps and their scents just wishing they were a bit larger for the moolah

Seasonal Starter Kit

Everything was amazing! Smells delicious and felt so good on my skin. My daughter has had eczema since she was a baby. Very sensitive skin. She loves the lotion! It doesn't burn and she actually wanted to put it on! This is a miracle. Excited to order more. American beauty is my favorite. Smells so clean and fresh.