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Great price!

I'm still trying all the samples but so far I've enjoyed each item and they smell so good!

Sandalwood Deoderant

Best deoderant I’ve ever used.

Bug relief

Tested in Adirondak Park, upstate NY, where bugs will bite your leg off and beat you to a pulp with it. Canoe trip highly successful. Flies tend to get in boat, hang out, bite when you’r not looking. I bought Burt’s Bees repellent but heard the Rad repellent works great for women and tried this on my girlfriend. It is cheaper and easier to find than Burt’s Bees and just as effective or better. She loves it. One application and the bugs leave her alone and don’t even want to hang out in the boat. Excellent! Worked so well i didn't have to use repellent. Great stuff. Just make bigger spray bottles to save customers money please.

Chaga Face Cream is AMAZING!!

Rad Soap continues to AMAZE me with their fantastic products—I ordered the Chaga face cream and it is awesome! It is just the right consistency and applies very comfortably to my skin, providing great moisture without being greasy. I use it on my face and neck after washing my face with Rad Soap’s Skin Psyche Facial Cleanser in the morning and evening. It smells wonderful—a light, fresh, natural scent that is balanced and not overbearing at all! Thank you, Rad Soap, for providing such quality and dependable products at affordable prices. I have tried numerous expensive beauty creams from beauty counters and Rad Soap’s Chaga cream is AMAZING!!

Great Sampler!

This sample pack of Rad’s bestselling items was worth every penny. I wasn’t sure where to start so this was a good overall impression of their products. They all smell great, and have good ingredients. Love the company philosophy and the fact that they are local. Will continue to explore their products to try and find a favorite!

Love this soap

A little bit of everything.

Just opening the box when it arrived was a sensory experience! So far the Toke body cream is a hit with everyone, the husband is all about the Kryptonite soap, and I have commandeered the Phat Lip balm. The Arnica cream has soothed a couple aching muscles, the Chaga cream is superlative for an every day face cream, and the soaps? Even the ones we found a bit strong smelling on their own mellow once used in the shower.

Thank you for making a wonderful product, made in the United States, and will great ingredients!

Death Wish Highly Caffeinated Body Cream

Soap Bar Club

The soap is amazing my skin has never felt better!

Top Seller's Kit

Great kit, everything smells amazing

Love this Soap!

Love this soap. Makes my skin so soft. My son also uses this soap which controls his acne.

Soap Subscription

Super easy way to get RAD Soap!

I Love RAD Soap Co.

I enjoyed getting and using my Rad Soap. It makes my skin so soft and the Coffee exfoliating bar really wakes me up in the morning. I look forward to my future subscription boxes.


Fist of all the scent in just amazing, after showering it left my skin super soft and smelling wonderful, nothing over powering and I love that. I LOVE THE SMELL !!

yes yes yes!!!

I absolutely love this line! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feel soft and silky. My whole family is using this brand now and forever! Try them out...they even have a soap club you can join.

soap and body cream have changed

I have been using the Chaga Soap and body cream for several years. I usually order a bunch and then re-order when its all gone which could be a long time. I was kind of disappointed when I got my last order because the product is slightly different. The soap is now a greenish color when before it was a light brown - which I liked better - but that isn't a big deal it still is fine to use. The body cream was really the more disappointing thing. The color changed from the same light brown color to white and the texture of the cream seems to be a little different, lighter in feel and I need to use more of it. I also have the Chaga face cream which is also not quite like the old Chaga body cream that I loved. So...I don't know what happened, but I liked the product a lot better before, so I may not re-order next time. If you have any cream that is like the old kind I would love to buy it!!


love the soap, convenient fast delivery, and smells amazing!

Rad bug spray

Love it!


Unicorn Magic

I came across this company via fb advertising. And I was skeptical at first. They were offering a free bar of soap so I figured I’d try it out. And I’m so happy I did! I ordered the “Unicorn” bar. I use it every day now versus my Bath and Body Works body washes. I actually feel CLEAN and not all dried out.

Definitely recommend! And I will he continuing my subscription!

Awesome product

This product is fantastic. I love how it's similar to Kryptonite soap so I know it won't react against the other ingredients. Keeps my acne down and smells amazing!

So awesome!

I am thrilled with the new RAD Soap subscription! I love the option of picking my own or having them pick for me. The bonus stickers were a great little surprise too! only thing that could make it even better would be an occasional small sample of other products with the subscription. Overall worth every penny for this one of a kind soap.

Long lasting

I bought this on a whim. Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents and this doesn't contain ingredients that irritate me. I love it. It lasts. It's the summer time and I'm outside, plus I workout quite often. The scent lasts through all of that. While it doesn't completely get rid of the wetness, I notice I don't perspire as much as I used to.

Radest soap ever

My husband absolutely loves his Gentleman’s Shave bar. The scent is amazing, and his skin soft and smooth afterwards, which no irritation! We will definitely be order another again once this one is gone! The Radest Soap ever!!

Hemp soap

Very pleased with everything I ordered. Shipped fast & it was all there. Soaps work great for my teenage boys.