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Effective natural deodorant

Very satisfied with this deodorant. I think I’ve finally found one that works and isn’t filled with chemicals.

Pleasantly surprised

I got a bottle of this as a Christmas gift from a friend who knew I had been trying different natural deodorants. I have never used a spray before and was fairly happy with the solid natural ones I had tried. This is even better. I love how fast it dries, the odor control and there is no residue on my clothes. I think it will be quite refreshing in the summer. I'm thrilled there is free shipping this month, I'm buying 3 bottles in different scents to try :)


Relaxes me and helps me sleep in the evening.

Great soap

I love their soaps. I stopped ordering from Dr. Squatch and prefer this soap company instead.’s a Beauty!

Using up our Man Up and American Beauty!!


The only soap I will ever use!! EVER!!

Sleep Cream

Love this sleep cream - a little goes a long way and it smells great!

Nirvana Rad Soap Bar

This bar smells great, lasts a long time, and is very moisturizing. Will buy again.

nice smell, decent soap

love the scent though i thought it would be stronger. this soap would be better for me in summer because not as moisturizing as skin therapy or chaga. but a good soap!

Beats the others so far.

I’ve been on a quest for good, long lasting, all natural soap and RAD has been by far the most impressive so far. The scents and feelings I receive from their, larger than average, bars of soap are euphoric. I’ve tried other soaps and they’re down the drain before any of their qualities are experienced. RAD is upfront with their soap. You know you’re getting quality right when the brick hits your skin and the aroma hits your nose. RAD soap energizes the beginning of my day in one of my favorite places to be... The shower.

A treat for the feet

Love the scent and fresh feel. Really makes a difference on rehab of feet. Also use it before long runs to protect my toes and heels.

Love it!

My lips are smooth and hydrating after using the lip balms! Also, the flavors are great!

Didn’t Work For Me

This is the only Rad soap that I haven’t liked. I bought it specifically for my face and it unfortunately caused irritation. I suppose it’s just not emollient enough. The soap, while truly unscented, developed an unpleasant odor after it wore down a bit.

Great fo minor joint pain

I originally purchased the cream for my dry skin, but in about two weeks noticed my knee and hand pain subsided substantially. I found this to be better at relieving my aches and pains better then their Project brand products. Besides it smells great and not over powering.

Fixes almost anything

My family loves the ouch salve. We generally use it as a burn salve, but it really seems to help fix any skin irritation we may have.

Glad I bought RAD!!!

Excellent product, my favorite!!! No sticky feeling, pleasant fragrance, clean, germ free hands. I keep it in my pocket, my car, my kitchen and I even give a spritz or two to my mask. I’ve given some to friends and family and they all love it. My absolute go to hand sanitizer!! Thanks for making such a great product.

The best

Makes my lips soft!!

Sweet Slumber ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

If I could give this product a million stars, I would. I have been using it every day for one year. I am on my third tub and am proud to say: I cannot live without it. It works. I don’t understand it, but who cares. It works. I apply it to the bottom of my feet and within 20 minutes, I’m ready to close my eyes and sleep for the entire night!!! Happily. I’m 53, and have had sleep issues...tried everything: Advil PM, melatonin pills, sleepy tea...nothing works like this cream! I love it! Love love love!!!!!

Highly recommended

I came across RAD products some years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since ! I love Moon Rock soap and body butter- the ingredients are pure and natural , smell terrific and are so gentle to my skin . I highly recommend RAD products !

Quick shipping / good product selection

Bought some soap as a gift. There were many products to choose from and I imagine it cleans good.


Some of the highest quality soap I've ever used. All of this company's soaps are top quality.

Moon Rock Bar

This is not my first time ordering, I have used quite a few of these. They work great and don’t have all the harsh chemicals that store bought gel soaps have.

Great Soap!

Smells great and doesn't dry out my skin-- I noticed it still smells great even after many uses--Can't ask for better--

100% Customer Service

I bought this for a friend of mine for a gift. The first order for whatever reason took a long time to get to me. USPS sent it to NJ, and I live in Central NY. So, I sent a message stating that I was in no hurry, but, wanted to let you know what was going on.. Rad Soap Co, send another one right out for me... that was not needed, but, can I just say 100%, that was awesome!!! Both orders got to me on the same day!!!! So, my friend loves your stuff, and what great customer service!!! Thank you again!!

Amazing soap!

The Ralph’s bar is the perfect bar soap. This bar cleans every surface it touches. Raving behind a clean feel and a fantastic smell. Or too Christmas but with just enough of holiday cheer that it’s perfect for the holidays.